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The measure of a gusseted poly bag - Line art The Measure of a
Gusseted Poly Bag


> Call 1-800-255-1845

Gusseted poly bags can be closed with a tie or heat sealed.

  Gusseted Poly Bags
• Ready to Ship From Stock or Custom

  All the clear, gusseted poly bags listed on this page are available for shipment today.

• Gusseted bottoms or sides expand to fit the shape of contents, making them ideal for wide and bulky items.
• Bag corners open as bag is filled.
• Larger sizes can be used to line boxes.
• Open end.
• Meets FDA and USDA specifications for food contact.
• Made from 100% virgin, clear polyethylene film.
• Heat sealable.
• Close with paper or plastic ties.
• Combine sizes for volume discount.
• Poly bag dimensions are outside dimensions: width X depth X length. The width is measured across the opening of the bag; depth is the fully extended gusset; and length runs from the opening to the bottom.
• Available in the following thickness:
.00125 (1.25 Mil)
.0015 (1.5 Mil)
.002 (2 Mil)
.003 (3 Mil)
.004 (4 Mil)


Order the gusseted poly bags that best meet your needs before 1:00 pm CST Monday to Friday, and Huckster will ship them to you the same day. Orders received after 1:00 pm CST are shipped the next business day. If you wish to pick up at our Houston warehouse the same day, call us before 3:00 P.M and your order will be ready for pickup by 4:00 P.M.

For a quote on any of the gusseted poly bags listed here OR if you need custom printing, a gussetd poly bag size and specification not listed here, call us at 1-800-255-1845 or complete our Contact Form.  We are ready to help you.

  Gusseted Poly Bags Ordering Information

Gusseted Poly Bag


Please refer to these tables when using the Contact Form to obtain a quote.
W X D X L (inches) Stock No. Thickness Quantity
4 X 2 X 12 03/01/4212-15 .0015 (1.5 Mil) 1000/CS
4 X 2 X 8 03/01/428-15 .0015 (1.5 Mil) 1000/CS
4 X 2 X 8 03/01/428-4 .004 (4 Mil) 1000/CS
W X D X L (inches) Stock No. Thickness Quantity
6 X 3 X 15 03/01/6315-1 .001 (1 Mil) 1000/CS
6 X 3 X 15 03/01/6315-2 .002 (2 Mil) 1000/CS
6 X 3 .5 X 14 03/01/63.514-2 .002 (2 Mil) 1000/CS
W X D X L (inches) Stock No. Thickness Quantity
8 X 3 X 15 03/01/8315-15 .0015 (1.5 Mil) 1000/CS
8 X 4 X 18 03/01/8418-1 .001 (1 Mil) 1000/CS
8 X 4 X 18 03/01/8418-2 .002 (2 Mil) 1000/CS
8 X 4 X 18 03/01/8418-3 .003 (3 Mil) 500/CS
W X D X L (inches) Stock No. Thickness Quantity
10 X 4 X 20 03/01/10420-3 .003 (3 Mil) 500/CS
10 X 4 X 20 03/01/10420-4 .004 (4 Mil) 250/CS
W X D X L (inches) Stock No. Thickness Quantity
12 X 6 X 24 03/01/12624-3 .003 (3 Mil) 250/CS
12 X 8 X 30 03/01/12830-15 .0015 (1.5 Mil) 500/CS
12 X 8 X 30 03/01/12830-3 .003 (3 Mil) 250/CS

Custom Gusseted Poly Bags
      • Custom Printing
      • Custom Size and Other Specifications

Huckster has many years of experience in finding just the right gusseted poly bag for our customers’ many special needs. For some, we even store their gusseted poly bag inventory and ship as needed.

If you need a custom printed gusseted poly bag or a size and any other specification not covered by our stocked items, please give us a call at
1-800-255-1845 or complete our Contact Form



Click here to order a copy of the Huckster Packaging Supply Catalog.

Huckster Packaging
Supply Catalog

In addition to the polyethylene bags (poly bags) listed on this site available for immediate shipment, this catalog lists our full line of paper, chemical, and janitorial products. The catalog also lists warehouse packing and shipping supplies.

Order our packaging supply catalog.


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